Well a few days have passed without posting. I won’t make any excuses for it, I own my decision and the fact that apparently my body needed more sleep. 😉

I am in San Diego at a High Performance Experience Event. Long days of AWESOMENESS! Which turned into much needed 9 hour sleeps! Sometimes sleep needs to be our #1 priority. Without good sleep, you spend your days in a state of impairment and I needed to be rested, focused and energized to get the most out of this experience.

So moving on…following up to Step 1.

To summarize Step 1, I said….

likely you know what to do, you just are not doing it. Think about that for a second. Is that accurate?

But here is Step 1…

1) You first need to decide how you want to be in regards to your issue. How do you want to show up for yourself? For your kids? In your finances? What does your IDEAL vision look like?

So Step 2 – make a list.

  1. Issue you want to change
  2. ALL of the reasons you want to change
  3. HOW will you change it? What do you need to DO better?
  4. Then plan out what you will need to do DAILY to improve that issue.
  5. EXECUTE. Do what you know you NEED to do!

For anything in life you want to start improving on, do the above.

I know what you are thinking, “Tracy! It is not that simple!” Yes actually it is. You know what you need to do, you just are NOT doing it. Maybe you know you need a family counselor, a therapist, a financial advisor, a coach, etc but are not seeking one out. If you are struggling to do it on your own, get some professional help.

You know you need to have honest conversations with people, but you are avoiding them.

You know you need to take action, but instead your choose procrastination.

You know you need to eat better, you know how to eat better, but you are CHOOSING not to and then are mad when you don’t get the results you expect.

Well my friends, here is some harsh truth. If you half-ass your effort, you are going to get half-ass results.

If you struggle with this exercise, ask yourself WHY for each issue. Ask yourself WHY at least 7 times for each issue.

For example: I want to be a better parent.

Well that is vague right? So ask yourself….

Why do I want to be a better parent? Write down the answer. Look at that answer and ask WHY again. Then to that answer, ask WHY again. And again. And again. Usually by the sixth or seventh why you find the ROOT. The true desire.

Then ask HOW.

Then PLAN.


Questions? Ask away!

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