Do you dream big? Or do you dream small? Do you have one massive goal you want to achieve this year? Or do you have a huge long list of things you want to achieve?

I would really like to know! So I hope you will comment below.

You see that building off in the distance? The one spewing into the sky? My husband has worked there for over 30 years. Shift work.

My biggest goal in 2020 is to create the financial freedom we need so that he can walk away from that place and retire without worry.

I joke with him all the time that he can be my “Operations Manager.” He can operate our household. 😉 But in reality, I just want him to have the opportunity and freedom to do more of what he loves and not to have to that place anymore. To not have to work shift work anymore. I want him around for a long, long time and I worry that this job will kill him.

So that is my BIGGEST goal for 2020, but in order to achieve that I have a very long list of step by step goals I need to achieve weekly, daily, monthly to get us to the BIG GOAL.

So maybe look over your goals for 2020. Do you have step by step goals that will lead you to your BIGGEST goal?

Or maybe if you look at your list of goals, they actually lead to one overall BIG GOAL that you didn’t even realize?

For example, people often have the goal to lose weight. They think that is their BIG goal. But why do you want to lose weight? Ask why again. And again. And again. (this likely sounds familiar). But get to your ROOT GOAL, the REAL reason you want to lose weight. Then let that be your BIG GOAL.Then losing weight is just one small step in order to get there.

People have the goal to save more money. But why do you want to save more money? Ask why again. And again. And again. Soon you will realize that saving money is just a step in what your actual BIG GOAL is.

Give it a try!

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