No matter how bad or tough yesterday was or even how great it was….today is a new day to have a great day!

Far too often we let one bad/off day turn into two days, into three days and then it gets harder and harder to shake that shitty feeling.

There are lots of ways to combat that issue, but you have to find something that works best for YOU! But most importantly you need to TRY to shake it and not let it snowball into more then it is.

Let me share with you what I do now. This is what works best for ME. This is after trying MANY different things.

First of all at the end of a bad/tough/off day, I don’t focus on why it was bad.

I ask myself many questions like:

“What did I do well today?”

“What was a highlight in today?”

“How can I make tomorrow a better day?”

EVERY morning (not just the ones after a bad day), I start my day with the G.O.O.D morning practice that someone shared with me last year.
As soon as I wake up, before I do anything else, I lay and think for a few minutes.

G – Gratitude. I think of all of the things I am grateful for on this day.

O – Openness. I tell myself that I am open to all that is positive. I tell myself that my heart is open to love. My soul is open to joy. My mind is open to learning.

O – Opportunity. I think about the opportunities I will have during the day and how I will approach them with excitement. I think about BEST case scenarios for those opportunities. I also think about the opportunities I will have to choose to have a good day!

D – Determination. I tell myself that my actions must be in alignment with what I want today to be, how I want today to feel. I want today to be a GREAT day, so I must show up for it. I must be present. I must be connected. I must be open. I must be happy. I must be joyful. I must be the best possible me that I can be today.

Then I keep these thoughts at the forefront of my mind all day long! If things start to go sideways, I reflect on my GOOD morning earlier in the day and try to shift the day back in alignment with what I wanted today to be.

I have very few “bad” days now.

Implement this into your life for a week or two and see how you feel. See if you feel a shift. <3

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