I don’t know about you, but I can feel my mood rapidly declining in the midst of all of this Coronavirus news.

My newsfeed is FULL of the same shit, posted over and over and over again. I have seen NOTHING positive in my newsfeed for days! So last night as I realized how this was affecting my mental health, I realize it was doing the same to almost everyone I know.

So instead of just allowing that to continue, I thought about what I could possibly do to create a change in my environment. In your environment.

Our thoughts are POWERFUL! So powerful. You think doom and gloom all day, of course your mood is going to change. The way you view the world is going to change. The way you view life changes.

We need to be positive. We need to be joyful. We need to be loving. We need to be caring. We need to spread positivity into this world right now. For the sake of our mental health. For the sake of our children. For the sake of finding the meaning in the midst of all this chaos.

So I would like to invite you to my 14-day (maybe longer) The Power of Positivity Challenge at https://www.facebook.com/tracyreadcoaching/

If you are interested in participating, please be sure to LIKE the page and SHARE the post. My hope is that we can spread positivity far and wide! I doubt it will spread as fast as fear. 😉 But at least we can ban together and take a stand and do something, instead of doing nothing.

Starting tomorrow, Monday, March 16th I am going to create posts that you will be able to share, comment and tag people in to help spread the power of positivity. I hope you will join me.

P.S. I am aware that this situation is serious. I have spent several days reading RELIABLE news sources. I am not taking away from that. What I am trying to do is remind people that in every situation, you can still find joy.

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