• I do not normally open up on my weight struggle journey because it opens up why I ended up to the weight I did. 

    At my heaviest in 1999, I was 220lbs and could not see a way of getting it off. I did have some success along the way and lost the weight over the years, but I never really tackled the emotional side to my eating. Without understanding how to handle my anxiety, depression and stress, the weight would always creep up. 

    But in spring 2017 something incredible happened…I “changed”. Tracy helped me to find the spark of light within me to become more than I was. She had a plan to help me focus on goals, work on daily affirmations, and focus on exercise and nutrition. And over time, I started to believe I could do it. 

    It became less about the weight and more on living the moment, understanding what my triggers were, and CHOOSING to live my life in the most positive way. Tracy has unleashed inner strength that I thought I never had! My body is strong. My mind is focussed. My heart and soul are free. I love me. 

    I am now entering an incredible time of my life because…I AM LOVING LIVING MY LIFE! I am happy and in love with my wonderful husband and boys. I am trying things I never dreamed possible – all because of the path Tracy Read helped me find. And I know I won’t walk that path alone. Tracy will be there walking along side me, and will be there when I need her! 

    I am happier than I have been in a long time thanks to this incredible coach. ​

    Monica F.

    October 2017

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